Witcher 3 Character Artist Marcin Klicki Shares His ZBrush Models

Witcher Lead In

Longtime ZBrush Central forum member Marcin Klicki recently worked as a character artist on the immensely popular game The Witcher 3. Those who are familiar with the game know that the visuals are stunning, filled with beautifully detailed environments and fantastic models. Marcin has been kind enough to share many of the character models he created for the game using ZBrush. Once again, we are very excited to see top level artists unlocking their artistic vision in cutting edge media through the power of digital sculpting, and we are proud to provide the tool that world class 3D artists prefer.

If you are a fan of The Witcher 3 or even if the game is new to you, we invite you to visit Marcin’s ZBrush Central thread to see some great work!

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