ZBrushCentral Highlights December 14-18

Dec 14 Lead In 2

Week Begining December 7th, 2015

Here are last week’s top picks for ZBrushCentral submissions! See one you like? Click the image to read the full thread and learn about the piece and the artist who created it!

BH6 blogCheck out this BIG team post from the folks at Disney! Their artists have shared some exclusive content on ZBrushCentral from the Oscar winning Big Hero 6 and its accompanying short film Feast! See the ZBrush Models here: http://zbru.sh/1c4

Wind blog

Lady in the Wind sculpted by ZBrushCentral member ‘Jeanise.’ A great accomplishment of human anatomy in motion. Click for more: http://zbru.sh/1c5

 Viking Girl blog

Female Viking character by David Barrero. Inspired by designs by Miah Alcorn. Nice style here! http://zbru.sh/1c6

Vikings blog

 Realistic character from the show Vikings sculpted in ZBrush by ZBrushCentral user XingCheng. Awesome work! Click for full model http://zbru.sh/1c7

Bulldog blog

Check out this art installation Milivoj Popovic was commissioned to sculpt using ZBrush! So exciting to see 3D art born into the real world! http://zbru.sh/1c8

Luck blog

This piece by ZBrushCentral member Jrs3d is an interpretation of a drawing by a friend. Great style and very funny concept here! http://zbru.sh/1c9

Donald blog

Donald Duck sculpted by Ricardo Luiz Mariano for Comic Con Experience 2015. A 3D version that is true to the original Disney character. Well done! http://zbru.sh/1cb

Saitama blog


One Punch Man fan art is all the rage right now! Here is ZbrushCentral artist Brahim Azizi’s 3D rendition of the main character Saitama from the popular manga. See the model breakdown here: http://zbru.sh/1ca

Frank blog

James W Cain has added this original interpretation of the Frankenstein monster to his series of busts on ZBrushCentral. What a fresh take on a classic! http://zbru.sh/1cc

Bat blog

Unique, realistic take on Batman sculpted as fan art by Joseph Menna. Stop by ZBrushCentral to see more of his work! http://zbru.sh/1cd

Xathanoc blog

Sheng Zhong sculpted this intricate visage for a character he has created to use with the Unreal 4 engine! Click here to see larger, more detailed images of this beautiful sculpt! http://zbru.sh/1ce

Michonne 2 blog

The Walking Dead fan art by ZBrushCentral member N_San. This Top Row image features everyone’s favorite kitana wielding character Michonne. Great work on the cloth, hair and pose! http://zbru.sh/1cf

Chiken Instagram

Chiken Kid! Sculpted by ZBrushCentral member ‘Chequeiq.’ This one is based on a concept by artist Yassin Sbarhi. Full model here: http://zbru.sh/1cg

Fisherman blog

ZBrushCentral artist Ricardo Manso made this fisherman character in ZBrush based on the concept by Andre Zendron. Click here to see more of the model and compare it to the original art! http://zbru.sh/1ch

Riiick blog

This character was sculpted in ZBrush by ZBC member N_San based on concept by artist Riiick. Impressive! Would love to see him textured! http://zbru.sh/1ci


Ryo blog

Four eyed mech/bot character by ZBrushCentral artist Ryo Yambe. His first post in 4 years! Come see what else he has to offer here: http://zbru.sh/1cj

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