ZBrushCentral Highlights December 21-25

Dec 21 Lead In

Week Begining December 21th, 2015

Happy holidays from Pixologic! Feast your eyes on last week’s top ZBrushCentral submissions! See one you like? Click the image to read the full thread and learn about the piece and the artist who created it!

Intro 2 Blog

Did you enjoy Part 1 of Michael Pavlovich’s Intro to ZBrush video series? You may be interested in Part 2 and 3 which he has just uploaded to Gumroad. Info here

Leia blog

Maarten Verhoeven is getting in the Star Wars spirit with this recent Princess Leia model! What do you think? 

Realtime blog

Realtime character by Danilo Athayde based on a concept by Juhan Na. See closeups here! 

Swamp blog

Awesome swamp creature by Alessandro Baldasseroni! There is a nice breakdown for this model on ZBrushCentral, which you can find here!

Chimp blog

Chimpanzee bust by ZBrushCentral member Steve Fylladitis. Very nice sculpt here. Good study of primate facial features. More shots here!

Chimera blog

This 3D printed chimera was sculpted in #ZBrush by ZBrushCentral member OrganizedChaos as part of a line of figures he’s producing. Visit the thread for more info!

Rings blog

ZBrush is becoming the tool of choice for creative jewelers! Take a look at this recent ZBrushCentral post by VoroN-art to see more of these new rings cast in metal

Guy blog

“A Lovely Guy,” the latest from ZBrushCentral member Luigi Monaldi is based on artwork by Mike Zantranis. Good stuff as always, Luigi!

Devil blog

ZbrushCentral member Uchiyama used ZBrush for modeling, poly painting and rendering on this piece entitled “Devil Inside.” Click here for a breakdown

Charlize blog

Mohamed Alaa sculpted this likeness of Charlize Theron. A nice sculpt that earned a spot on Top Row! See more of this piece here

Guybrush blog

Fan art sculpt of Guybrush from the game Monkey Island. Modeled by ZBrushCentral artist Jean-Pascal Berthiaume. View the ZBrushCentral thread

MGS blog

ZBrushCentral member NeverWintered created this sculpt of Revolver Ocelot from the Metal Gear Solid series entirely in ZBrush. The goal was to create a playable character using only ZBrush. Did you realize you could get this result in a single application? This artist proves you can!

Carnotaurus blog

Carnotaurus by ZBrushCentral member Jin Hao Villa. If you like this one, you can see more of Jin’s work here

Sinestro blog

This not so friendly looking gentleman is super villain Sinestro from the DC universe. Sculpted in ZBrush by ZBrushCentral artist NiyOo. ZBrushCentral thread

Alphapack Facebook

Happy holidays! Here’s a FREE pack of 100 alphas created for organic modeling in ZBrush! Courtesy of Victor Marin of Ilusion Digital.

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