ZBrushCentral Highlights December 28-31

Dec 28 Lead In

Week Begining December 28th, 2015

Happy New Year! Here are last week’s top  ZBrushCentral submissions! See one you like? Click the image to read the full thread and learn about the piece and the artist who created it!

Smaug blog

ZBrushCentral artist Andre Castro sculpted this very nice model of Smaug from The Hobbit! He’s included a model breakdown you can view here!

 BabyDragon blog

Zhelong Xu has some Top Row artwork for your viewing pleasure over at ZBrushCentral! Click here to see more great pieces like this baby dragon sculpted in ZBrush!

Skel 2 blog

Gabriele Maiocco has some great work for you to see on ZBrushCentral! Here is one of many expertly sculpted models he has posted recently

Chrix blog

 ZBrushCentral member ‘Chrix’ sculpted this cool little green creature based on a design by Ellis Q. Clark Jr. Nice job!

Tamura Twitter

Give a warm ZBrushCentral welcome to Tadafumi Tamura from Japan! This 3D rendition of a 2D illustration is one example of what he’s been cooking up! See more here

Threepwood copy

Monkey Island fan art by Gerald Rempis. This is protagonist Guybrush Threepwood in a style inspired by Disney Infinity. What do you think? 

Aiman blog

For the past year, Aiman Akhtar has done a monthly column for 3D World Magazine on the subject of 3D printing. Through his journey, he’s printed everything from phone cases to prosthetic arms with help from ZBrush along the way! Read his story here

Protectors 2 blog

Sina Pahlevani won second place in ‘Mecha War Challenge 2015’ by 3DConceptArt.com with this awesome robot! He has included a full breakdown of the creation, from beginning to end, here 

Gem blog

This winged creature is a Gem Eater as created by ZBrushCentral artist Paolo Giandoso. See variations with different gems here!

Orc Commander blog

Orc Commander by Sergio Brotons Ripoll. Concept by Jaime Martinez. Excellent sculpt really staying true to the original concept! See the untextured model here

RL Helmet blog

Guess what? Ryan Love shared a time-lapse for some of his popular helmet sculpts! View here

Indra blog

ZBrushCentral member Gurjeet Singh shares his latest work ‘Zeus vs Indra.’  Get a closer look with a breakdown here

 Piko blog

Lieu Wai Ming has shared some of his environment work he did for the mobile game Kutsuki Puzzle PIKO on ZBrushCentral! Stop by and see the whole post, there are some really creative designs here!

Multi-Eye_shader blog

ZBrushCentral member Pablander has provided a detailed Multi-Eye Shader guide ! Check out this and the many other free resources he has available for download here

 Wurm blog

This polysketch by Marcello Baldari is created totally in 3D and is called ‘Wurm.’ What a cool and creative piece! Click here to see it in ZBrush 

Beauty blog

This disturbing beauty was modeled by ZBrushCentral member Ghaith85. If you like this one, head over to the thread and show some love! Concept by Izzy Medrano

Pyrosuvious blog

This is a collaboration between Aybars Turan and Terryl Whitlatch: The Écorché of the Pyrosuvious. A fictitious creature designed with believable anatomy. Awesome project! More info here 

 Briareos blog

Briareos from the Appleseed manga as modeled by ZBrushCentral member Joseph Roberts. Excellent! See more in the ZBrushCentral thread

Environment blog

ZBrushCentral user KillerD challenged himself to create an environment in ZBrush. Here’s the result! Well done. See more here

Chaos blog

ZBrushCentral user CuteCube250 presents his latest work. Click here to view the individual components of this character. Much time was spent on every detail!


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