Pixologic is Joining Forces with Formlabs with Integration Plugin


As you know, ZBrush has been a favorite in the 3D printing world for years, being used to create digital maquettes, prototypes, concepts, jewelry designs, art toys, articulated toys, figurines and statuettes for key companies leading the industry.  Now, artists will be able to use the accuracy and surface definition of the Form 2 printer to output their models into the real world.

Pixologic and Formlabs are now working in tandem to provide their users with the best solution for producing better models in less time while maintaining a simplicity of use that lets them focus on being creative rather than technical processes.

The soon to be released software integration will feature an upgraded 3D Printing plugin for ZBrush that will take any model from the application’s design environment and transfer it to Formlabs’ Preform software to begin the printing process. Using Formlabs’ new One Click Print functionality, designers can begin printing within minutes.

Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming plugin. In the meantime, if you’re planning to be at CES this year in Las Vegas, Pixologic’s Paul Gaboury and Joseph Drust will be at the Formlabs booth to give demos and talk ZBrush and 3D printing. Stop by and say hello!

Visit: formlabs.com

Visit: CES website – www.cesweb.org

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  1. Excellent news, Hopefully this will avoid the integrity issues that can occur with the exporting to STL and then loading in preform.

  2. Sounds great! Looking forward to it!

    By the way, what is “3D Pringing” in the last paragraph? 😉

  3. Hello Andrew –

    The plugin will load models directly to our software, Preform, and we’re happy to say that it will work just fine with any Formlabs printer.


  4. Paul and Joseph did multiple demonstrations about how to use ZBrush to create model and preparing them for the 3D printing process.

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