Affordable Prosthetics Made Possible with 3D Printing

Hand Lead In

ZBrush has been used by artists to craft 3D printable creations for years but it’s always satisfying when that creation goes beyond art and enters the realm of a life changing device. Jonathan Shaller recently shared his prosthesis work with the ZBrushCentral community. There, he tells us about a young boy named Dante who was born with a disfigured left hand. Spiderman is Dante’s hero and as such, Jonathan designed a prosthetic hand with Spiderman styling using ZBrush, which was then 3D printed for young Dante.

Read more about Jonathan’s work and about the E-Nable organization here on ZBrushCentral

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  1. I read your article and I was struck by how the implants in 3D in the medical field are so used nowadays , and all the research that is behind these results . But above all the great machines that produce prostheses “save lives ” in some cases . Sifting through a bit ‘ here and there I found an interesting article on 3D printing of dentures:

    I believe that could be the future .
    I hope to get feedback .

  2. I am researching affordable prosthetics for a project and am wondering if you guys could give me some pointers

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