Pixologic Presents ZBrushLIVE Coming February 6th

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Pixologic is pleased to announce that beginning Monday, February 6th we will be launching ZBrushLIVE, our new interactive streaming portal where you will find daily broadcasts of ZBrush related content via our Twitch channel, The ZBrush Podcast and a lot more!

Regularly scheduled live broadcasts hosted via Twitch will showcase artists and industry professionals from around the world presenting content related to a variety of industries ranging from character creation, product design, 3D printing, game development and more. Additionally, the channel will include exclusive ‘ZPlays’ which are live gaming sessions featuring artists from top game studios sharing assets from the game being played while providing commentary and behind the scenes insight. Early episodes have featured artists from the hit titles Fallout 4, DOOM and Final Fantasy XV. Viewers will get the rare opportunity to learn from experts in a way that is interactive, fun and informative.

ZBrushLIVE will also be home to The ZBrush Podcast. Listeners will get to know more about the artists behind their favorite films, games and other 3D artwork through Pixologic’s casual conversations covering anything from career trajectory to details about the creative process. Listeners can also find event recaps and special announcements from the Pixologic staff from time to time.

Visit www.ZBrushLIVE.com now where you can register to be notified as soon as new information and scheduling becomes available!

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