ZBrushCentral Highlights January 9-13

Jan 9 Lead In


Plenty more excellent ZBrushCentral art for you this week! Don’t forget to comment and vote for your favorites to be in the running for this year’s ZBrushAwards!

Scotsman FacebookFlying Scotsman: modeled in ZBrush by ZBrushCentral member Tim Kramarz. See a breakdown and more of Tim’s work!

Knight 2 FacebookKnight by ZBrushCentral member Marcel Nilo based on a concept by Alexandr Pechenkin

Narcos TwitterNarcos fan art likeness of Pedro Pascal by ZBrushCentral member Antonio Sanchez. Looking good!

She TwitterShe: a cartoon study by ZBrushCentral member Lim Kuk based on a sketch by Anna Cattish.

Leaper FacebookLeaper: this robotic character on Top Row is by ZBrushCentral member Mikalai Dzemiantsevich. Excellent hard surface design!

intuosOur friend Pablo Munoz has put together a nice tutorial for setting up your Intuos 3D to get the most out of the Express Keys in ZBrush!

Iguana TwitterIguana model by ZBrushCentral member Manuel Cedeño. Click for a breakdown and PDF doc explaining the workflow!


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