Luc Tschopp

Character Artist at Frontier Developments

About Luc Tschopp

Organic Character & Creature Sculpting See Luc's Upcoming Streams Here: ZBrushLIVE Calendar Segment Summary: "In my streams I will demonstrate how to sculpt organic characters and creatures while trying to provide tips on subjects such as anatomy and design." Location: Cambridge, UK Hometown: Wegenstetten, Switzerland How Did You Discover ZBrush? "I used to watch lots of time-lapse videos of people sculpting with it on YouTube when I was younger and got curious." Sculpting Experience: 6 years Most Used/Favorite Feature: "It's a tie between Dynamesh and ZRemesh for me." Previous Works, Industry Experience & Highlights: "I have been working professionally for nearly 2 years now and have had the privilege to create a skin for Epic Games Paragon."

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