Vichar B N

Department Director for Games at Technicolor

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ZBrush Masters Season 1: Storytelling through ZBrush Sculpture Segment Summary: Unfolding a story through sculpture that tells a tale Location: Bangalore Hometown: Mysore Sculpting Experience: 20 years How did you discover ZBrush?: 15 Years back I was introduced to ZBrush by seeing Zack Petroc sculpt, The craving to learn new things sparked in me the fascination towards ZBRUSH. The idea of bringing your sculptures to life through technology is very alluring Most Used/Favorite Feature: Sphere and ClayBrush but it's tough to pin one feature because all the features are awesome and all are my favorite. Previous Works, Industry Experience & Highlights: 15 years of experience in character, creatures, sets, and props. Over the years I have been lucky to get the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, spanning form cartoony to hyper-realistic styles

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