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Environments With Seth Thompson
This latest series of videos will take you through the process of creating your very own vintage inspired lantern. Follow along with Seth Thompson as he covers everything you'll need to know to create your very own props and environment pieces. View his ZBC thread at"Unmystified"

Video Lessons
Environments with Seth Thompson Part 1 
In Part 1, Seth introduces the creative process for constructing his lantern. You'll see how separate pieces are developed using the Panel Loops feature.
Environments with Seth Thompson Part 2 
Part 2 sees the development of a front panel for the lantern. This will serve as the basis for introducing duplicate parts. Some of the features you'll see in action include, the See-Through mode, Masking and Polygroups.
Environments with Seth Thompson Part 3 
Next, Seth features the power of Transpose, Dynamesh and NoiseMaker. Follow along with Seth and build your very own lantern!
Environments with Seth Thompson Part 4 
Using the same process introduced in Part 2, Seth demonstrates the completion of the top portion of the lantern. Tools like Panel Loops and Deformation capabilities play a vital role at this point in the development process.
Environments with Seth Thompson Part 5 
The conclusion of this video series highlights the addition of a final decorative Dragon element. Watch as Seth concludes this video series with a striking final detail.

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