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Environments With Tate Mosesian
In this Series, you will follow along with Tate Mosesian as he creates a tileable stonewall environment piece, while making use of the new ZBrush 4R4 Insert Multi Mesh feature, and a wide range of other features along the way.

Tate Mosesian received a BFA with honors in Illustration from Art Center College of Design in 1991. After college, while continuing to pursue his painting, he worked as an illustrator for clients such as RCA, Giant Records, SST, and Sony Music. This eventually segued into employment as an artist in the video game industry. His talents have been employed at companies including Disney Computer Software, Capcom, Crystal Dynamics, Sony Computer Entertainment America, SCE Santa Monica Studio and Naughty Dog where he was the lead texture/shader artist on the Uncharted series. Tate is currently a lead environment artist at Naughty Dog.

Video Lessons
Bricks Slideshow 
Before diving into this class, see a preview of what Tate Mosesian has been able to create from the information provided in these videos.
Insert Multi Mesh Brick Wall part 1 
Starting off this classroom will be a demonstration of the use of Alphas and NoiseMaker to efficiently add sculptural detail, and create an Insert Multi Mesh Brush.
Insert Multi Mesh Brick part 2 
In this video Tate will show you his technique for alligning Insert Meshes with the use of a grid.
Insert Multi Mesh Brick part 3 
Part 3 of this series will demonstrate detailing with Projection Master, as well as using ZApp Link to export textures.
Insert Multi Mesh Brick part 4 
Take the Final creation piece from this series, and create a normal map for export with ZApp Link.
Insert Multi Mesh Brick part 5 
Last but not least, learn to separate the previously created subtools from Insert Meshes by controlling layers.

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