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Vehicle Design
In this Industry Spotlight, David Bentley walks you through his automotive design process. Watch, as David details the features and functions used to create this pavement pounding exotic. You'll see features like Panel Loops, the Noise Maker plugin, Insert Meshes, Clipping brushes and a host of others used to bring this project to life.

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Video Lessons
David introduces the initial concept, layout and overall direction for the project while giving a brief outline of his career and artistic background.
Brushes and Masks 
David illustrates the use of various brushes packaged with your copy of ZBrush to generate the basic structure and form for his automotive design.
Car Design Part 1 
Follow along as David goes deeper into the design process, while expanding on the features used to generate a sleek shape for his vehicle.
Car Design Part 2 
Watch, as David moves closer to completion and brings the entire concept car to a more refined level with the addition of some finishing touches.
Tire Tread Sculpting and Wheel Rim Creation 
With Radial Symmetry and simple primitives, David shows how quickly you can create your own wheel and tire combinations.
Dynamesh Seat-Polygoups-Sculpting 
Using Masking, Clipping brushes, Polygroups, Deformation sliders, Dynamesh and Groups Loops; David demonstrates his approach to designing the seats for his concept car project.
Seat alphas and Panel Loops 
David takes these seats to new levels of realism using Alphas and Panel Loops. Follow along as he demonstrates cool ways to include everything from surface details to stitches and cut-outs.
Seat materials and Patterns with Noisemaker 
In this video, customized materials are added to the overall design of the car seats while implementing the NoiseMaker plug-in to generate additional surface patterns.
Seat Timelapse 
David gives us a time lapsed breakdown of the final design choices for the seats in his custom car.
Interior Sculpting 
We jump into the design of the interior details for the dashboard using Dynamesh, Clipping Brushes, Polygroups and the Deformation Palette.
Interior Panel Loop Details and Micromesh 
David combines the functionality of Panel Loops and MicroMesh features to demonstrate a more free-flowing design process.
Final Turntable 
The final unveiling and Posterized turntable of the David Bentley designed concept car.

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