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ZBrush UI
Welcome to the world of digital clay. Inside these video lessons, we'll take a look at the ZBrush user interface. You won't believe how incredibly easy it is to work and create inside ZBrush.

Video Lessons
Review of the UI 
The ZBrush user interface will provide you with an easy to understand and easy to navigate workspace. Everything you need to create is located around the digital canvas.
At Startup 
Your ZBrush experience is like stepping into a digital clay studio. We have arranged everything into palettes.
We have added a unique help function, allowing for access to brief descriptions of anything inside the ZBrush workspace. Simply holding the CTRL key will activate pop up information about various buttons and functions.
Initialize ZBrush 
By initializing ZBrush you will reset all your previous settings and stored information within your user interface. Think of the Initialize function as a return to default option.
UI Enhancements 
There are many hidden gems to be found inside of Zbrush. This video will guide you to some of these features like menu controls, and the magnify tool.

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