Make it Happen in ZBrush – The Workflow with Pablo Munoz Gomez – ZBrush Summit 2018

Make it Happen in ZBrush – The Workflow Featuring Pablo Munoz Gomez – #ZBrushSummit #ZBrushLIVE #ZBrush2018 #Pixologic #ZBrush

This demo will be a walkthrough of my entire workflow to produce a polished artwork in ZBrush, from concept to render. I’ll share my 3D sketching process, sculpting and texturing techniques, along with various methods to create custom resources. I will also share how I approach the compositing of ZBrush passes in Photoshop and show some tips on how I plan and manage a ZBrush project. – News, VODs, Artists Schedule, Podcasts, and More!

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