ZBrush Kaiju Creation for Pacific Rim: Uprising with DNEG – ZBrush Summit 2018

ZBrush Kaiju Creation for Pacific Rim: Uprising Featuring Maddie Spencer & Lucas M. Cuenca

In this presentation DNEG will show how ZBrush formed a central role in the design, sculpting, modeling and texturing of the Kaiju antagonists for “Pacific Rim: Uprising.” From the very early stages of production, concept artists from DNEG were using ZBrush to quickly create a variety of Kaiju designs. We will illustrate the creative workflow used in the art department by presenting creature turntables (from ZBrush and Clarisse) and concept paintings illustrating the evolution of the Kaiju designs from concept to final models. We will also show how ZBrush’s unique hard surface modeling tools allowed us to create the signature “Ripper” creatures. By showing the evolution of the Rippers, Breacher Kaiju, and Mega Kaiju designs through ZBrush to Photoshop we will craft an exciting and informative view of the work DNEG created for this exciting project.

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Madeleine Spencer

Film Creature Designer

ZBrush Masters: Season 2 More Scheduled Streams Coming Soon! Segment Summary: COVIDEMON A creature design inspired by the current viral menace. I will be streaming a live sculpt / design of a COVID-19 inspired creature. We will use dynamesh, insert mesh brushes, and hard surface techniques to create this beast. I will also talk about making your own Vector Displacement Brushes. Location: London, England Hometown: Carcosa How Did You Discover ZBrush? "I bought version 1.5b after seeing it as the first real program that would allow me to actually SCULPT on the computer." Sculpting Experience: 20+ years Most Used/Favorite Feature: Clay Tubes Brush Previous Works, Industry Experience & Highlights: "20+ years experience in practical and digital effects. Two highlights of my professional life are my work designing creatures and characters for the Hobbit Trilogy as well as my classes I teach at Gnomon Online." Fun Facts: "I have been a sculptor since I was a child... I do sleight of hand magic and I collect old books and antiques."