Enter the ZBHO Dojo – Spicer McLeroy – ZBrush 2021.6

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Enter the ZBHO Dojo See Spicer's Upcoming Streams Here: ZBrushLIVE Calendar Segment Summary: "Enter the ZBHO Dojo and level yourself up today! Become the martial Artist that you always wanted to be!" Location: San Antonio, TX Hometown: Houston, TX How Did You Discover ZBrush? "I was working at a bank as a personal banker and hating my job. One day a graphic designer came in and we decided that he would teach me Photoshop and I would teach him how to play the guitar. Shortly after I was introduced to ZBrush." Sculpting Experience: Since 2007 Most Used/Favorite Feature: KeyShot Bridge Previous Works, Industry Experience & Highlights: "I create high-end assets for clients such as Ubisoft, Dior, Bradford Group, Robot Entertainment, and Scenic Sets." Fun Facts: "I'm the best cook I know."