How to 3D Model a Bladerunner Mario Kart – Pixologic Solomon Blair – Part 1

Following Solomon’s last 4 part project based series on creating The Mandalorian Helmet, he will be starting a new project based series focused on character and scene creation, while exploring new features in ZBrush 2020.

ZClassroom LIVE: ZBrushCore On Hiatus, Stay Tuned for Updates! ZBrush Mash-Up! On Hiatus, Stay Tuned for Updates! Exploring ZBrush On Hiatus, Stay Tuned for Updates! Segment Summary: An all new series cooked up with the passion of what we love, pop-culture! Solomon will jump into ZBrush and start sculpting with inspiration from two themes, we're talking fan art from Star Wars, Marvel, Overwatch, Harry Potter, Nintendo, and whatever you can throw at us! Join us in the chat and share your ideas! Come hang out and get inspired with our very own developer, Solomon Blair, as he shows you some of the new ZBrush techniques!