Jon Troy Nickel – 3D Sculpting for Figurine Production – Episode 3

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Jon sculpts collectible toys and figurines for his company, IHaztoys. His partner, Layna, joins him in talking with the chat and making the creative process interactive.

In this episode, Jon works on King of Death: The Disciple of the Witch’s cape and hat, transforming the end of the cape from cloth to humanoid arms.


3D Sculpting for Figurine Production On Hiatus, Stay Tuned for Updates! Segment Summary: Primarily focused on sculpting collectible figurines for various clients around the world for video game, anime and original IP characters! Location: Wellington, New Zealand Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand Sculpting Experience: 14 years Most Used/Favorite Feature: "Transpose Master!" Previous Works, Industry Experience & Highlights: Weta Workshop for Lord of the Rings, Riot Games for League of Legends, 9 years video game industry experience, 6 years figurine sculpting experience. Fun Facts: "I love baking! Not normals, and AO's but actual bread and so on!"