Official ZBrush SUMMIT 2015 Presentation – Disney Interactive

Day 2 Presentation
Featuring Shane Olson & Matt Thorup

Shane is a Senior Character Artist working at Disney Interactive, Avalanche Software. He is currently working on Disney Infinity 4.0. Shane has been in the game industry for over 15 years as an animator, rigger, modeler, and now digital sculptor. Shane loves Zbrush, and loves sharing his knowledge of ZBrush with the rest of the world! Shane has an amazing wife, four wonderful children, and currently resides in Utah.

Matt Thorup has been working as a Character Artist for Disney Interactive for the last three years. Prior to this, he worked as a Graphic Designer specializing in illustrative designs and mascot development. He is known as The Redbeard on social channels where he posts my most recent work, including 3D tutorials in ZBrush. A native of the great state of Utah, he still resides there with his sweet-sauce wife and two super boys. He constantly strives to develop and improve his artistic skills while riding the phases of his red facial hair (hence, his social media monicker). His favorite film is The Iron Giant, closely followed by The Incredibles and Matt admits to having a big man crush on Brad Bird.

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Shane Olson

Online Stylized Character Instructor at 3D Character Workshop

Sculpting Stylized Characters See Shane's Upcoming Streams Here: ZBrushLIVE Calendar ZFriends: Pass the SculptIn Collaboration with Ana Carolina Pereira & Pablo Muñoz Gómez More Scheduled Streams Coming Soon! Segment Summary: Sculpting Stylized Characters - "Come and hang out with me as I sculpt stylized, cartoony characters. Questions are encouraged!" ZFriends: Pass the Sculpt - A game-like group stream teamed up with Pablo Muñoz Gómez and Stephen Anderson. Dependent on the theme, each artist with sculpt for a hour, rotate ZBrush files, and continue sculpting over a 3 hour time frame. The result is a fun fast paced, telephone style game with wacky results! Each artist will stream independently to our 3 social media channels, YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. View them here: YouTube - Twitch - Facebook - Location: South Jordan, Utah Hometown: Coalville, Utah How Did You Discover ZBrush? "I started noodling with ZBrush way back when it was just a 2.5D program for Illustration. I thought it was a fun toy at the time. I never imagined it would turn out to what it is today!" Sculpting Experience: 6 years Most Used/Favorite Feature: ZRemesher Previous Works, Industry Experience & Highlights: Character Department Head at Disney Interactive on Disney Infinity