Saturday Afternoon with ZBrush – Pixologic Paul Gaboury – Part 2

Part 1:
Join Paul Gaboury of Pixologic Saturday Afternoons to continue his journey on creating a gremlin in ZBrush. In this session Paul will be covering how he began to create the main silhouette of the gremlin head. He will also be focusing on setting up proportions to make sure everything is aligned before getting into sculpting details.

During the stream he will be covering how images can be used to reference or just used to projection onto a surface. He will be diving into several reference techniques, such as using Spotlight and the floor gird. He also provides a demo on using Shadowbox to block out the general size of the gremlin head with reference images.

He also covers how Array Mesh can be used to adjust scale and proportion along with covering how ZBrush deformers like the BendCurve and Deformer can be used to make quick changes.

If you were not able to tune in for the first stream in this series click ( to see Paul block out his gremlin with ZSpheres.
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