Sculpting for Cosplay – Alicia Bellamy “VertVixen” – Episode 5

Alicia progresses and refines her Darksiders inspired armor in this episode! Be sure to tune in live to sculpt along or to just hang out!

Sculpting for Cosplay More Scheduled Streams Coming Soon! Segment Summary: "Why just make armor out of foam when you can digitally sculpt it and 3D print it!? I will show you my process on creating the perfect armor for you next costume using ZBrush!" Location: Austin, TX Hometown: Lake Forest, CA How Did You Discover ZBrush? "One of my teachers in school knew how much I hated box modeling, so to encourage me to continue he sat me down with ZBrush. It completely changed the way I work in 3D and if it wasn't for the program I may have given up years ago!" Sculpting Experience: 6 years Most Used/Favorite Feature: DynaMesh Previous Works, Industry Experience & Highlights: "Worked as a prop/ environment artist in games for about 3.5 years. I worked at Carbine on Wild Star as well as a smaller studio called Fireforge. With my freelance I have worked with Twitch, Blizzard, THQ Nordic, + smaller studios."