For years, Wacom has been a dedicated supporter of the ZBrush community, offering an array of pen tablets and displays meticulously crafted to enhance the experience of 3D sculpting, making it more instinctive and organic. As the world’s leading manufacturer of pen tablets, pen displays, and digital interface solutions, Wacom has been bringing people and technology closer together for 40 years. In ZBrush, our pressure-sensitive digital pens help you manipulate and shape your models precisely. And with nearly all Wacom products, you can customize the ExpressKeysTM for your most frequently used modifiers like CTRL, ALT, Shift, and Spacebar so you can stay in your creative flow and maximize your productivity.

Our newest professional display, Cintiq Pro 27, is ideal for sculpting in ZBrush. Boasting a 4K color-accurate touchscreen, it provides an expansive canvas for your creative endeavors, while the 120Hz refresh rate ensures fluidity on screen as you rotate and reorient your models. https://www.wacom.com/en-us