ZBrush Masters: Giving Life in ZBrush – Daniel Bel – ZBrush 2020

We’re proud to present ZBrush Masters, a new ZBrushLIVE segment showcasing industry topics, commercial artist projects, and industry pipelines! ZBrush Masters will feature top artists from around the globe hosted by Pixologic!

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Daniel Bel

Senior Sculptor at Sideshow Collectibles

ZBrush Masters Season 1: Giving Life in ZBrush Segment Summary: We ́re going to talk about what ́s important at the moment of creating poses for our characters and do some practical examples of it Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina Sculpting Experience: 6 years Most Used/Favorite Feature: DynaMesh Previous Works, Industry Experience & Highlights:Senior Sculptor at Sideshow Collectibles. I ́ve been working in the CG industry for more than fifteen years. During the first ten years as a general digital artist for various CG jobs and the last 5 as a digital sculptor for several of the best collectibles companies. Fun Facts: I ́m afraid of shark pictures. I don ́t know if this is funny, stupid or sad. Maybe all at the same time lol