ZBrush Summit Top Tips & Tricks – Posing Models with Stager & DynaMesh – Ian Robinson “IR Sculpts”

ZBrush Summit Top Tips & Tricks – Posing Models with Stager & DynaMesh – Ian Robinson “IR Sculpts”
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Ian Robinson

ZBrush Instructor | Digital Sculptor at Maxon

Come See How It's Made with Ian Robinson See Ian's Upcoming Streams Here: ZBrushLIVE Calendar Segment Summary: "Come see how I use ZBrush to bring my creations to life. From toy statues to cosplay props, everything you sculpt has the possibility to be 3D printed. While 3D printing becomes more affordable, the manufacturing process of preparing models to be printed can be challenging. I will to showcase just how powerful ZBrush can be to make dreams and ideas come to life for us to hold your work in your hands." Location: Burbank, CA Hometown: Burbank, CA How Did You Discover ZBrush? "When I first showed interest in sculpting, I had started using Sculptris. I told my closest friend about me sculpting and he raved about ZBrush and bugged me until I tried it. Immediately, fell in love with how powerful it was and was hooked!" Sculpting Experience: 7 years Most Used/Favorite Feature: "ZModeler" Previous Works, Industry Experience & Highlights: "I spent about 3 years as a Graphic Designer / 3D Digital Sculptor at Studio Graphics, LLC before the pandemic. Now, I am a freelance toy maker and teacher of ZBrush. Fun Facts: "I can be goofy and loud when I am really happy. One Weird DUDE."