July 28 2005 - ZBrush at ILM

Los Angeles, CA - June 21st, 2005 - Pixologic, Inc., makers of the award-winning modeling, texturing and painting application, ZBrush 2, today announced that Industrial Light and & Magic has integrated ZBrush's sub-division modeling and texturing toolsets into its production pipeline. Industrial Light & Magic, a Lucasfilm Ltd. company, selected ZBrush for its unparalleled ability to handle large datasets, its Pixol technology and production tested displacement-mapping abilities.

"Integrating ZBrush into our modeling creature pipeline has allowed us to take our model to that next level of believability and close the gap between concept and production," says Cliff Plumer, ILM Chief Technical Officer. "ZBrush is rapidly becoming a key component in our modeling pipeline and art departments. Its ability to handle millions of polygons has enabled us to move more of our sculpting to "digital maquettes" and collapse the pipeline between our physical sculptors and our digital modelers."

"ZBrush has initiated a renaissance in Sculpture," adds Geoff Campbell, ILM Senior Digital Model Supervisor. “It's the first and only sculpting software that gives the artist total freedom to work creatively without the constraints of conventional modeling packages. It also eliminates the need to work with physically based maquettes because it is, in effect, better than clay, more intuitive to use, and far more productive."

"ZBrush is the ultimate digital freedom for raw artistic skill and creativity," says Andrew Cawrse, ILM CG Model Supervisor and Concept Modeler. “Its real-time power with ease of use has truly dissolved the linear barriers between concept, creation and production. It combines the expression & benefits of practical paint and clay with the speed and advantages of an electronic medium. ZBrush has allowed us to generate digital creations with an unparalleled< complexity, detail, resolution, quantity and quality. It is a revolutionary must-have tool."

ZBrush's hybrid 2.5D and 3D Pixol technology has also positioned ZBrush to be an essential tool for illustrators, designers and concept artists. The combination of 3D lighting, modeling and material properties with 2D painting tools has opened up the world of 3D to 2D artists and simplified its more technical aspects while keeping its power intact and amplified.

Ryan Kingslien, head of the training department at Pixologic notes, "Since the release of ZBrush 2, Pixologic has worked extensively with major studios and production houses. With ILM we have developed highly productive workflows for their artists that minimize their downtime, maximizing their sculpting time and take full advantage of ZBrush's customizability and ZScripting functionality."

"We are thrilled that ILM has integrated ZBrush into their pipeline," says Jaime Labelle, General Manager at Pixologic. “ILM's continued feedback is a benefit to the ZBrush artistic community. ILM joins a growing list of leading industry partners that have embraced ZBrush's revolutionary modeling, surfacing, and texturing techniques."

Pixologic will be showcasing ZBrush's latest features and revolutionary tools at this year's SIGGRAPH 2005, Los Angeles Convention Center August 2-4 at booth #1411.


Pricing and Availability
ZBrush retails for $489.00 and can be purchased and downloaded online at
Pixologic e-store www.pixologic.com/store ZBrush is also available from Pixologic authorized resellers for both Windows and Mac platform. The ZBrush2 Demo can be downloaded from the Pixologic website by visiting the Try ZBrush page.

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ZBrush is an integrated modeling, texturing and illustration environment. ZBrush’s innovative set of real-time sculpting, texturing, and deformation tools is used in major film studios and game companies worldwide. Its instant feedback and real-time response makes it the most natural feeling digital sculpting tool available today. As a stand-alone application, ZBrush offers tremendous flexibility and appeals to a wide audience.

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