High Detail 3D Printed Collectibles – Sébastien Giroux – Episode 16

In this sessions I am tackling the batman court of owls Steampunk Talon I am pushing for quick and strong silhouette to be sure I am not wasting anytime on detailing. I also talk about the hidden power of Polygroup and the huge possibilities that can be combined with things like creases, ZModeler, panel loops and more!

High Detail 3D Printed Collectibles More Scheduled Streams Coming Soon! Segment Summary: "The sessions will focus on creating dynamic pose characters with high level of detail and prep them with keys to be ready for 3D printing. A lot of R&D will be involved to refine the sculpting pipeline, trying new techniques or blending them with existing ones to integrate new software workflows with ZBrush." Location: Québec City, Québec, Canada Hometown: Victoriaville, Québec, Canada How Did You Discover ZBrush? "Back at my 3D school in Montreal when I learned there was another way to 3D model without the need to push every single vertices around!" Sculpting Experience: 16 years Most Used/Favorite Feature: "DynaMesh but ZRemesher is super close behind." Previous Works, Industry Experience & Highlights: 3 years in the movie/vfx industry and 8 years in the video game industry. Fun Facts: "I look like 35 but I am actually an 88 year old."