Artist, Designer, & Literal Sneakerhead, Freehand Profit – The ZBrush Podcast Episode 18

Artist, Designer, Illustrator, Hip-Hop head & Literal Sneakerhead, Gary Lockwood “Freehand Profit” – The ZBrush Podcast Episode 18 – ZBrush Summit Special

After Discovering Gary’s work through Instagram and his recent interest in ZBrush, we had to invite him to the ZBrush Summit and record a podcast! Gary Lockwood, known to the art world as Freehand Profit, is a designer, illustrator, lover of hip-hop, graffiti, and sneakers, but it known for his unique masks. You can check out his full bio on his site,
In this podcast, Solomon and Gary sit down for a chat about career beginnings, artist techniques, and of course ZBrush.

Audio Version:

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