God of War Art Director Rafael Grassetti – The ZBrush Podcast Episode 24

God of War and Sony Santa Monica Art Director Rafael Grassetti – The ZBrush Podcast Episode 24

The ZBrush Podcast returns and features Pixologic’s long time friend Rafael Grassetti. Recorded at our ZBrush Summit, Raf sits down with our host Solomon Blair to discuss video game industry life and advice, 3D printing, pop culture, an artist social media presence, and more!

Rafael or Raf Grassetti started his career in Brazil in advertising, followed by CG freelance work in cinemactics and toys. From Brazil to Canada, Raf gained experiences from Hasbro, Marvel, Ubisoft, and Bioware with titles including Mass Effect and Dragon Age! Since moving to the US, Raf is known for character work in such Sony video game titles as Killzone: Shadow Fall, Infamous 3, The Order 1886, and most recently his AD position and numerous characters in 2018’s God of War.

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Rafael Grassetti

Art Director & Character Artist at Santa Monica Studio

The Art of Rafael Grassetti Where in the World: Los Angeles, CA Sculpting Experience: 15 years Most Used/Favorite Feature: DynaMesh Previous Works, Industry Experience & Highlights: Currently an Art Director & Character Artist and worked on 2018’s God of War