Lychee Slicer

Lychee Slicer is a resin and filament 3D printing software designed by 3D printing enthusiasts, for 3D printing enthusiasts and professionals. Lychee Slicer is a complete software, easily accessible and innovative, offering very accurate 3D printing. Close to its community, Lychee Slicer is always listening to its users to make 3D printing easy and accessible for everyone.

With Lychee Slicer, you get the best companion to prepare 3D models for your favorite 3D Printers. Get access to many features to create a tailored and smooth workflow that fits your needs! Lychee Slicer is easy to use and provides powerful tools in an elegant and intuitive interface.

Lychee Slicer has always been close to ZBrush: a large amount of 3D creators us it to create thousands of 3D models each month, prepared in Lychee Slicer, making it the leader in the resin 3D printing industry. As a result, hundreds of thousands of hobbyists can effortlessly print impressive models. All ZBrush users with a 3D printer should be utilizing Lychee Slicer!

Always be at the edge of 3D Printing with Lychee Slicer!