Set Design for Grimes’ Violence Video Inspired by ZBrush

Grimes is known for her bold style and unfiltered creativity, not only through her music, but with her overall appearance as well as her approach to art and expression in general. Even the name she chose for her recent child with Elon Musk drew much media attention for being about as original and unconventional as her music. 


Grimes recently appeared on Harper Bazaar’s YouTube series ‘Playback’ where she shared behind the scenes details for the music video to her single “Violence.” In the breakdown, she explains how she found inspiration for the choreography via TikTok and that ZBrush actually inspired the set design, which included the all white interior design of a church. The set was chosen because Grimes wanted the scene to appear to be taking place in an untextured ZBrush model.

“There’s this program called ZBrush which is for 3D modeling and sculpting. When you make stuff in ZBrush, everything’s all kind of white or grey. I’ve always been really into the aesthetics of this program.” 


See the rest of the behind the scenes commentary on Harper’s BAZAAR’s YouTube channel as part of their Playback series

Source: ZBlog

Michael Nisbet

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