ZBrush Masters: The Art of Marcel Nilo – Marcel Nilo – ZBrush 2020

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Marcel Nilo


ZBrush Masters Season 1: Art of Marcel Nilo Segment Summary: How can ZBrush have so satisfactory results from simple and clean cartoons to very high detail model? From blocking to fine details, and I'll show you how. Hometown: São Paulo Sculpting Experience: 13 years How did you discover ZBrush?: I tried ZBrush 2.5D many years ago in a school of computer graphics Most Used/Favorite Feature: For sure ZRemesher and ZModeler Previous Works, Industry Experience & Highlights: 13 years working on the biggest companies of publicity of Brazil like Casa Blanca, Vetor Zero and others. Also had experience in Game Loft New Zealand. And a couple of remote freelancers worldwide. Most Used/Favorite Feature:I have this trilogy of juvenile book that i wrote and illustrated that I'm sculpting the characters nowadays.