About ZBrush

ZBrush is a graphic application aimed at simplifying the science behind generating computer graphics. ZBrush appeals to a wide audience by providing empowering tools that give users intuitive and visual control over the digital images they create. By providing a unique synthesis of 2D and 3D capabilities in a single stand-alone tool, ZBrush collapses economic and ease-of-use barriers to creating stunning images.


Software Programmers - Full time Position now available.

ZBrush is the leading and award-winning digital sculpting software used in film/visual effects and video game companies.

To maintain this leadership, we are looking for creative and like-minded programmers to join our team.

If you are an excellent programmer and you enjoy creating art, then we are looking for you!


  • Strong in C and C++ programming languages.
  • Experience in using existing 3D graphic applications.
  • Highly motivated and passionate about graphics related programming.

If you are the right candidate, please contact: [email protected].

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