A Message of Hope Through Sculpture

A shining example of using art to channel a powerful message elegantly and distinctly. Artist Felipe Eckhardt was hired to work on this image for the Salvation Army. The goal of Art Director Felipe Gomes was to convey the practice of working together to create change and help one another using the imagery of a human pyramid. To bring the idea to life Eckhardt and fellow sculptor Yago de Oliveira worked together on the modeling process, using the work of Kris Kuksi as reference for the style. Once a base mesh was created, the fine details were added in using ZBrush and from there, sent to render.

The material of the people who came to save the needy one, i used a marble material, a cleaner one. And for the needy and the environment, I use a dirt rock material, to emphasize even more the contrast between the realities.

-Felipe Echkardt

Learn more about this project and leave a comment for Felipe on his ZBrushCentral thread

Source: ZBlog

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