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Our friend Pablo Munoz has released a new tutorial series on his site! This one is a 10 part video series covering the Live Booleans system introduced in ZBrush 4R8! If you want to take your hard surface modeling to new heights, be sure to check it out here! Also, feel free to discuss in the ZBrushCentral thread here.


From ZBrushGuides:

The Live boolean system is one of the main features debuting in ZBrush 4R8, and it is a fantastic tool that simplifies the creation of complex objects. It is definitely a game changer in the Hard Surface modeling space and overall a great addition to the set of ZBrush features that keep closing the gap between ‘technicalities’ and artistic freedom.

There are, however, a few things that are good to know before you get started. This tutorial series aims to explain the concept and process of working with boolean in a very simple way so that you can use this tool in any project with confidence. If you are already familiar with how booleans in ZBrush work, you can skip the first and the second video, which is an introduction to the concept and practical examples of the boolean operations.


Source: ZBlog

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