Pixologic Announces support for Pixar’s open-source Universal Scene Description (USD) file format

With the recent release of ZBrush 2021.6  the leading 3D sculpting application , Pixologic is pleased to support Pixar’s open-source Universal Scene Description (USD) file format. Pixologic is always working towards enabling artists to work the way they want without restrictions or boundaries. The USD format adds another way for artists to connect with the application they need and collaborate with other artists.


USD is the core of Pixar’s 3D graphics pipeline, used in every one of its 3D authoring and rendering applications. By making the USD format open source, Pixar has enabled other companies to adopt the format and it is fast gaining in popularity, especially with developments such as Omniverse, NVIDIA’s open platform for real-time simulation, which takes collaboration and connection to the next level.


The ZBrush adoption of Pixar’s USD format allows artists to export and import data in/out of ZBrush. It also empowers art teams with real-time collaboration to join forces and explore more designs together within the Omniverse platform, allowing for easy integration and collaboration of pipeline tools for AI, simulation and real-time raytracing.


“USD provides a rich common language for multiple artists to collaborate, on the same scenes together, and we’re pleased to see ZBrush carry the USD vision forward,” says Anuj Aggarawal, Global Head of Omniverse partnerships, NVIDIA. “USD is the foundation for Omniverse. When combined with NVIDIA RTX artists and designers can create and simulate seamlessly in real-time. We’re looking forward Pixologic joining the Omniverse ecosystem and seeing the amazing work ZBrush users will be part of.”



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