#AskZBrushLIVE – Ian Robinson & Paul Gaboury – ZBrush 2023

#AskZBrushLIVE – Ian Robinson & Paul Gaboury – ZBrush 2023

Have a ZBrush question? We’ve already answered 400+ questions on YouTube from everyone using the hashtag #AskZBrush on your favorite social platforms. We’re now making #AskZBrushLIVE, so get your ZBrush questions ready and add them to the live chat, Ian Robinson and Paul Gaboury are ready to answer them all!

Watch our previous series uploads here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMjnnUF3eJFcY6fkm1wyyHcH3t4XUteRI

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0:00 – Intro
2:45 – Welcome in AskZBrush
7:06 – How can you measure the distance between two Subtools?
10:46 – How can I merge two Subtools together when using Live Booleans?
14:40 – How can you wrap a tube around an edgeloop in ZBrush?
18:20 – Is there a way to influence the direction primitivies that are initially draw our via Gizmo?
23:50 – Turn IMM Brushes into a Curve Brush
25:06 – Why does the Select Lasso tool hide an edge loop and other times is hides a complete polygroup?
28:15 – What is the workflow for Stoke/Curve Functions / Snapshot?
36:05 – Hair Cards in ZBrush?
43:30 – Proxy Pose in depth (2023.1 Feature)
59:00 – Mask Lasso Tips
1:02:20 – How to Wrap or Bend Text around a shape Part 1
1:12:00 – How to Create a Custom CamView in ZBrush
1:16:20 – How to Wrap or Bend Text around a shape Part 2
1:22:00 – How to store camera view for reference in ZBrush
1:26:20 – Spotlight tips
1:27:05 – How to make a subtool transparent with BPR and with RedShift
1:34:20 – Thank you – AskZBrush.com

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