Australia’s Largest Known Dinosaur Digitally Recreated, 3D Printed Full Scale

ZBrushCentral member Vlad Konstantinov recently shared with us his experience helping to bring back to life a species that has never before been seen by the public, in the name of science. Vlad created the 3D model to include every detail, including skeletal structure, musculature, size, scale and more that would allow not only a graphical interpretation, but data to then 3D print the skeleton at full life size scale!

From Vlad:

“Australotitan Cooperensis, the biggest known Australian dinosaur, is finally revealed to the public. This may look like a simple 3D-model but in reality it required many years of hard work – step by step, bone by bone, muscle by muscle. I’m so glad to see the results of this long-term process of studying and exploration!

A partial skeleton of this huge animal was restored and 3D-printed in life-size! And the final article has just been published in the PeerJ scientific journal

The information about this magnificent discovery was published by the most famous media such as The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Washington Post, The Times, Der Spiegel, The New York Times, BBC, CNN, National Geographic and many others.”

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