USD File Format Helps 3D Creators Improve Their Workflow Exponentially

As you know, ZBrush is now compatible with Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD) format. Apple’s recent WWDC presentation includes a segment dedicated to explaining how USD can improve your 3D workflow.
Watch the presentation below as Apple Software Engineers Doug Epps and Nate Reid talk about the flexibility and power of Pixar’s Universal Description (USD), then visit to get the latest information on how USD fits into your pipeline!

from Apple:

“Discover the flexibility, versatility and power of Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD) for your 3D workflows. Learn how you can use the USD file format in your professional workflows for macOS: Scan 3D models of your real-world objects using Object Capture, utilize the potential of third-party digital content creation tools, and build high-quality rendered sequences.”

“ZBrush works directly with USD mesh data to bring all the power of sculpting to a USD workflow”

“In a traditional 3D workflow, sharing data between DCCs is cumbersome and error-prone. Lengthy import and export steps are required to move data from one tool to another. This traditional workflow is also one way. As only the last stages of the pipeline can see the overall scene, earlier stages lack context and how their contributions will be used. In contrast, USD allows us to work in parallel using different tools and to work natively on the same data. Crucially, since all of our data is represented as USD, the import export step is eliminated and sharing is automatic. A USD workflow enables faster iteration, better collaboration and opens up new and more creative possibilities.”