Come See How It’s Made in ZBrush – Ian Robinson – Maxon ZBrush Trainer – ZBrush 2023.1

Come See How It’s Made in ZBrush – Ian Robinson – Maxon ZBrush Trainer – ZBrush 2023
Star Wars Fan Art Edition!

Join ZBrush Maxon Trainer Ian Robinson for a regularly scheduled segment where he takes a character sculpt from start to finish and always showcases the latest version of ZBrush and features! Bring any and all ZBrush questions to the live chat, Ian is a wizard when it comes to operating our software!

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0:00 – Intro
3:09 – Welcome in
7:20 – Helmet Block Out
12:50 – How to use Reference in ZBrush
23:37 – Download Startup Utility
25:55 – Masking and Polygroups with Smooth Groups for Hard Surface
43:07 – Creating Side Panels with ZModeler
52:00 – Using Slice Curve with Curve Brushes
1:03:30 – How to Retopo your model in ZBrush
1:15:50 – Making a Mandalorian Helmet Lens Face Plate
1:30:40 – Make a Seamless Alpha in ZBrush
1:38:00 – How to Merge objects in ZBrush
1:47:55 – Making Custom Spikes as IMM Brush
2:04:40 – Adjusting Side Helmet Panels
2:06:40 – Using Array Mesh for Repeating Mesh

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