Come See How It’s Made in ZBrush – Ian Robinson – Maxon ZBrush Trainer – ZBrush 2023

Come See How It’s Made in ZBrush – Ian Robinson – Maxon ZBrush Trainer – ZBrush 2023
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00:00:00 Waitingloop
00:04:07 Welcome
00:07:06 Today’s Topic

00:07:20 Nunchucks, Question Block
00:08:16 __The Power of Initialize
00:10:15 Q Nifty Fifty vs 85mm
00:12:51 Q What is an N-Gon
00:16:52 Q __ Create Insert Multi Mesh
00:17:20 Q __ Replace Geo with IMM [1] 00:19:24 Q __ ZRemesher
00:20:37 Tip Edgeloops clean up
00:21:31 __ Define Caps
00:23:17 Q Replace Geo with IMM [2] 00:25:59 Q Fluffy Fur without Fiber [1] 00:28:23 Q __ FiberMesh and 3D Print
00:29:37 Q Knife and holes, Slice Curve
00:32:02 Q __ Overlapping Geo and holes
00:34:15 Q Morph Brush and Target
00:37:37 Q __ Morph and History
00:38:27 Q __ History Steps, Morph Brush
00:41:15 Q Fluffy Fur without Fiber [2] 00:45:47 Q __ Custom Brushes 3DCArtist
00:47:16 Q ZRemesh problem after WFL
00:54:35 Q __ MeshIntegrity
00:57:21 Q __ Floating Particles, bits
01:00:39 Q Preserve details, Decimation Master [1] 01:06:37 zpad video link, QR
01:07:55 Q DynSubDiv Thickness vs Panel Loops
01:09:44 Q What iPads will be supported
01:10:40 Q Panel Loops, Slice Curves
01:12:21 Q Using ZBrush for all modeling
01:13:12 Q Preserve details, Decimation Master [2] 01:15:50 Q Decimation Master and detail masks
01:19:06 Q Move geometry, Symmetry, middle gap
01:26:56 Q __ Example, simple
01:28:52 Q O Sword-half, how to mirror

01:36:12 Strap Making
01:37:37 __ Preparation
01:38:24 __ Mask Extraction, Single Sided
01:39:17 __ Cuts
01:40:00 __ Panel Loops, Groups, more cuts
01:42:10 __ Panel Loops Thickness, Auto Groups
01:42:42 __ Scale Inflate, moving, tucking in
01:44:56 __ Walkthrough, Straps
01:48:19 __ Detailing, Straps, Noise 07
01:49:16 Q about presentations
01:49:54 Q Do Deformations require UVs
01:50:25 Q Noise, UV, and Cinema 4D noises
01:50:49 Q __ Surface, Noise, 3D, UV Unwrap [1] 01:52:43 Q Purpose of Slice Curve Brush
01:53:42 Q Any info about iPad, QR code
01:55:23 Q __ Surface, Noise, 3D, UV Unwrap [2] 01:58:24 Q __ Noise Brush, Edit, example, no UVs
02:02:44 Q Details and Density of Mesh
02:03:50 Q Reset Color Paint,
02:04:41 Q __ Polypaint, FillColor
02:04:48 Q __ Apply Last Action to all Subtools
02:05:13 Q __ SubTool Master, Fill, Fade Opacity

02:07:25 Wrapping Up
02:08:21 Thank you very much, Bye!

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