Demystifying Post Production – 3D Sculpting For Stage and Screen – Week 2

Demystifying Post Production – 3D Sculpting For Stage and Screen – Week 2 – Refining, developing and submitting the sculpt, including practical tips for increasing iterations during the creative process with Deborah L Wright

Using the power of ZBrush to create Sets, Props, Costuming and Maquettes for Stage, Screen and Immersive Environments in Commercial Entertainment.

Join us for an exciting series of webinars where internationally renowned artist and sculptor Deborah L Wright shares the entire creative process of taking a client brief for a themed entertainment project from inception to final delivery in ZBrush. She will outline planning, creating the initial version, dealing with client notes, and finishing the project.

Deborah will be sharing advice, recommendations and key techniques for developing, managing and sculpting creative projects in ZBrush. Drawing from over 20 years’ experience, she will break down the practical process of a freelance assignment that may be applied to creating installations, concept realizations for theme parks, trade shows, designing and building scale models and maquettes, and turning “cocktail napkin” sketches into professional 3D models.

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