Demystifying Post Production – 3D Sculpting For Stage and Screen – Week 3

DPP – 3D Sculpting For Stage and Screen – Week 3 – The Notes! Dealing with client suggestions, changes, and scope creep with Deborah L Wright

Using the power of ZBrush to create Sets, Props, Costuming and Maquettes for Stage, Screen and Immersive Environments in Commercial Entertainment.

Join us for an exciting series of webinars where internationally renowned artist and sculptor Deborah L Wright shares the entire creative process of taking a client brief for a themed entertainment project from inception to final delivery in ZBrush. She will outline planning, creating the initial version, dealing with client notes, and finishing the project.

Deborah will be sharing advice, recommendations and key techniques for developing, managing and sculpting creative projects in ZBrush. Drawing from over 20 years’ experience, she will break down the practical process of a freelance assignment that may be applied to creating installations, concept realizations for theme parks, trade shows, designing and building scale models and maquettes, and turning “cocktail napkin” sketches into professional 3D models.

Find out more about Deborah here:

00:00:00 Waiting Loop
00:01:10 Welcome
00:01:55 Housekeeping
00:03:43 Deborah’s Website

00:04:01 Mistakes and Correction
00:05:57 __ Recap Tree Project
00:07:13 __ Change happens
00:08:41 __ New versions
00:10:15 Q Competing, Work, fiverr
00:14:16 __ Facing the new request
00:15:36 __ Knife Rectangle, Subdivision
00:16:36 __ Pizza Box, Hamburger icon
00:17:37 __ Re-using a branch
00:18:18 __ Gizmo, Pin Icon
00:19:16 __ Preview AO
00:19:56 __ Knife Brush, Watertight
00:22:10 __ Gizmo as “Twist Tool”
00:22:57 __ Tip — Explore the Gizmo
00:23:36 __ Expanding to fit a door in
00:26:28 __ Is the doorway enough
00:26:51 __ Problem solving after duplicating
00:28:28 __ LiveBoolean, Trunk, hollow
00:29:28 __ LiveBoolean and Tool Color
00:30:07 __ Adding topology “Doorframe”
00:32:05 __ Placing the door
00:33:22 __ Doorway, shaping the trunk
00:37:41 __ Alpha for trunk-cut surface

00:38:54 Branch Session
00:40:16 __ Adjust and cut twigs
00:42:29 __ Detailing cut areas, Alpha

00:43:49 Lantern Session
00:44:55 __ Scale and Positioning

00:45:31 Summary of change
00:46:22 __ Opening the door
00:47:00 __ Details matter

00:48:08 Next episode, UV, PolyPaint

00:49:03 Q Size, Scale, and workarounds
00:50:03 Q __ Max Brush Size adjustment
00:50:35 Q __ Stager, Home Stage
00:52:15 __ New in 2023.1 Dynamic Local Sym.
00:54:50 Q Units for size, Scale Master
00:55:35 Q Where do you start, Dream Job
00:59:53 Q Export animation, except MDD

01:00:36 Housekeeping
01:02:40 ZBrush Calendar
01:03:32 ZBrush Summit 2023
01:04:20 Thank you and bye

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