Demystifying Post-Production: UV Workflows – Unwrapping a Character in ZBrush – Week 4

DPP: UV Workflows – Unwrapping a Character in ZBrush – Week 4

Join us for an exciting series of live streams about UV and texturing workflows in Cinema 4D and ZBrush. In this series, we will guide you through the basics of UV editing and texture projections. Based on a series of useful projects, we are also going to go through the whole process of unwrapping characters, organic, and hard surface objects.

Demystifying Post-Production: UV Workflows – Unwrapping a Character in ZBrush

Join us for the last session about UV Workflows this month! Watch ZBrush expert Ian going through the UV unwrapping workflow in ZBrush. You will learn how to utilize automatic UV unwrapping as well as creating manual UV sets.

00:00:00 Waiting Loop
00:01:55 Welcome
00:02:40 Housekeeping
00:04:55 ZBrush Summit 2023
00:06:43 DPP September Rigging

00:08:45 Today’s theme

00:09:37 Unwrapping Shark ZBrush, UV Map
00:10:38 __ UV Map
00:11:16 Q How many polygons has the Shark
00:13:06 __ Fixing Polygons before unwrapping
00:13:38 __ Placing the Plugin list to the left.
00:14:14 __ UV Master, Unwrap, Unwrap All
00:14:56 __ Symmetry, Polygroups, Existing UV Seams
00:15:19 __ Work On clones, Subdivision Level
00:16:28 __ Work on clones, low-res
00:17:35 __ Flatten, moving with Gizmo, UV space
00:19:16 Q Computer specs to handle large model
00:22:27 Q Import UDIM scenes
00:23:40 Q __ UDIMs in a nutshell [1] 00:25:27 __ Unwrap and Symmetrically
00:26:25 __ Copy and Paste UV
00:27:17 __ Morph UV, Bump 50, Paint

00:29:58 DIY, C4D UDIM in a nutshell [2], example
00:32:15 __ C4D UDIM, “naming concept”, Tile
00:37:52 __ Export as FBX from Cinema 4D
00:40:17 __ Import FBX to ZBrush
00:40:37 __ Z-Plugin, UV Morph
00:41:10 __ ZBrush UV and C4D results compared
00:41:53 __ Paint on it in ZBrush

00:43:44 Unwrapping Shark in ZBrush, Polygroup
00:44:20 __ Enable Control painting
00:45:24 __ Check Seams
00:46:19 __ Polygroups, Select Lasso, Autogroup
00:47:18 __ Unwrapping via Autogroups
00:48:35 __ Copy, Paste, UV Morph
00:48:54 Q Painting over seams
00:50:57 Q __ Model vs. Unwrapped, painting
00:51:40 Q How often do you work in UV with ZBrush
00:52:37 Q Texturing vs. Painting UV packing

00:53:55 Unwrapping Shark, ZBrush, Crease
00:54:44 __ Cube example, variations
00:56:04 __ Cube UV Map, Unwrap, crease
00:57:25 __ Shortest Path, Creased edges
00:59:36 __ un-crease all, Autogroups

01:01:21 Q Moving UVs and staying with Brushstrokes
01:02:21 Q __ Vertex Colors, not Textures
01:03:30 Q __ When a texture is active
01:04:25 Q Vertex Colors from C4D to ZBrush, GOZ

01:05:00 UV and ZBrush summary, Substance information

01:06:36 Q Texture to Vertex, to Texture, C4D, to Vertex
01:09:25 Q Fixing a seam in ZBrush
01:11:30 Q __ Using Checkerboards, UV texture checker
01:13:55 Q __ Noseman’s UV definition and Bananas
01:17:35 Q Character Artists required to do UVs, PTex
01:25:12 Q UVs and Triangles

01:26:47 Wrapping Up
01:27:10 Housekeeping, ZBrush Summit
01:30:22 Ian’s Gallery
01:30:51 Half Rez Chicago
01:31:56 Thank you and bye

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