Digital Sculpting Chinese Dragons From Cultural Art with Zhelong Xu – 2019 ZBrush Summit

The Beauty of the Curves in Digital Sculpting with Zhelong Xu – 2019 ZBrush Summit
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After graduating from JingDeZhen ceramic institute, Zhelong has been a 3D artist since 2001. Today he is one of the most famous 3D artists in China with over 130 thousand followers on Weibo. He has loved using ZBrush every day since he first learned it in 2009. He works in multiple fields including online education of CG knowledge, with various film and game companies as an art director and character designer, and produces high end Chinese-style collectible figures.

The following presentation is a recording from the 2019 ZBrush Summit taking place September 26th – 29th, 2019.

0:00 Start
4:20 Art from China, JingDeZhen, Japan Southeast Asia & More
10:31 Inspirational art
19:00 Accurate Curve Mode Setting in ZBrush
38:52 NoiseMaker for Dragon scales
1:00:00 Curve Tube demo – News, VODs, Artists Schedule, Podcasts, and More!

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