Official ZBrush SUMMIT 2015 Presentation – Neville Page & Glenn Hetrick

Day 1 Presentation
Featuring Neville Page & Glenn Hetrick

Neville Page is a creature and concept designer who has worked with such luminaries as Steven Spielberg on Minority Report and Falling Skies, Ridley Scott on Prometheus, James Cameron on Avatar, J.J. Abrams on Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, Super 8 and Cloverfield. Beyond his feature film credits, Neville is currently involved as a design consultant for the entertainment, toy, and automotive industries; and is developing his own line of educational art products.

Upon arriving in Hollywood, Glenn Hetrick found his first foothold at Optic Nerve Studios as a lab technician, fabricator, painter and eventually sculptor and designer – working tirelessly for years on several seasons of Buffy, Angel, X-files, Freaky Links, Babylon 5 and Roswell among others. After more than a decade of amazing shows, he has recently partnered with longtime friend and collaborator Neville Page, evolving the shop even further into the newly renamed Alchemy Studios! Expanded services include seamless integration with CGI Visual Effects, 3D Conceptual Design and even cutting-edge 3D Printing Techniques.

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