Overwatch & Disney Infinity Designer, & 3D Character Workshop Owner Shane Olson – The ZBrush Podcast Episode 25

Video Game Pipeline Expert, Overwatch & Disney Infinity Designer, & 3D Character Workshop Owner Shane Olson – The ZBrush Podcast Episode 25

The ZBrush Podcast returns and features ZBrushLIVE Stream Team member Shane Olson. Recorded at our ZBrush Summit, Shane sits down with our host Solomon Blair to discuss career beginnings, video games, Disney Infinity behind the scenes, 3D Character Workshop, and Pixologic collaborations including ZBrush’s ZeeZoo!

With 20+ years of video game industry experience, Shane Olson has touched the full pipeline of creating games. From N64 to current gen, Shane has worked on such titles as Warhawk, numerous Disney titles including Cars 2 and Toy Story 3, eventually becoming a Character Department Head with Avalanche Studios on the Disney Infinity series, and collaborations with Blizzard Entertainment and Overwatch.

Have any questions you’d like to ask Shane Olson yourself? Shane is one of our regular streamers on ZBrushLIVE.com, watch him live, join the chat. You can see his schedule here:

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