Pavlovich Workshop – Michael Pavlovich – Maxon ZBrush 2023

Pavlovich Workshop – Michael Pavlovich – Maxon ZBrush 2023

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0:00 – Intro
2:18 – Agisoft Metashape Photogrammetry
6:34 – ZBrush Import
11:45 – Filling Holes and Cleanup
26:52 – ZRemesh and UV
32:50 – History Recall Geometry and Polypaint
36:50 – Move and Position the Head
40:42 – Exporting Statue Head as Prop
44:10 – Headshot 2.0 Align Points
47:45 – Headshot 2.0 Refine Mesh
54:35 – Face Tools Export to ZBrush
1:00:40 – Texture to Polypaint, Eyes & Teeth Position & Color
1:05:00 – Refining and Projecting Base Head Details
1:22:45 – Refining Expressions
1:46 – Face Tools back to CC & Materials
1:48:00 – Facial Animation and Edit Facial
1:51:00 – Statue to Human Conversion

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