Transformers, Mass Effect & Pacific Rim Artist Furio Tedeschi – The ZBrush Podcast Episode 14

Furio Tedeschi joins us for another special edition podcast recorded at our ZBrush Summit 2017.
From early school years of learning CG, to art director, to freelance work with major motion pictures and AAA video games, Furio has done it all! Get to know Furio more than his CG wisdom as they discuss South African life, DJ-ing, and did I hear him mention something about Watkin Tudor Jones aka Ninja from Die Antwoord!?

Friend of Pixologic, Furio Tedeschi has been a presenter at our 2015 ZBrush Summit and more notably holds the record for winning our ZBrush Sculpt-Off 3 years in a row in the Hard Surface category.

You can see Furio’s recent workings in the upcoming Transformers Bumblebee movie, Transformers The Last Knight, Mass Effect Andromeda, and Pacific Rim. Furio has also collaborated with Blur Studios, WB Games, McFarlane Toys, and Microsoft’s 343 Industries.


Audio Version:

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