ZBrush 2023 Presentation: Subsurface Scattering with Mike Thompson

Join Ian Robinson and Louie Tucci as they chat with Mike Thompson about his techniques using Redshift and Polypaint with SSS settings to make a beautiful final image. Mike is also using a 13th Generation MSI Titan Laptop Provided by Intel.
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ZBrush 2023 Presentation: Subsurface Scattering with Mike Thompson

The latest version of ZBrush is here!  Join presenter Mike Thompson with hosts Ian Robinson and Louie Tucci as they dive into the new ZBrush 2023 with focused techniques on Subsurface Scattering.  The presentation will feature Mike’s Marvel fan art of Zombie Captain America created with his personal ZBrush workflows.  It’s one you don’t want to miss as Mike may have more models and techniques up his sleeve.Come watch the stream on Wednesday February 8th at 11:00am PST, and don’t forget to bring your questions, add them to the live chat for answers from the pros!

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0:00 – Intro
2:41 – Welcome Mike Thompson
7:19 – Project Breakdown with Polypaint and Redshift
15:06 – SSS Sliders and what they do
19:30 – How to approach SSS in Redshift ZBrush
30:45 – Painting AO for Redshift Renders
43:20 – Why you Should use UVs for textures
50:30 – Create Stitches for your Character in ZBrush
1:04:00 – Why you Should be Asymmetrically Sculpting for Statues
1:09:00 – Beginner Gizmo Tips for Rotation, Scale and Move
1:12:30 – Checking your Polypaint with other materials before render
1:18:30 – Thank you Mike Thompson

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